Website Design | Eric Hal Hackendale | Jacksonville, Florida

Following recent design trends, the majority of the websites I currently design and build utilize a XHTML/CSS architecture, using Flash only when and where it is dictated by the objective, and in fact enhances the content. My approach to website design has shifted toward a more minimalist or modular aesthetic, breaking up information into smaller, more manageable blocks, which I find conducive to cleaner, better organized and more user-friendly websites that can be scaled more easily.

Web Design Services:

  • Website mock-ups & skins
  • Front-end design
  • Html/XHTML/CSS
  • Graphic design
  • Flash animation
  • Copywriting
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Project Applications:

  • Website design-build
  • Website maintenance & updates
  • Micro-sites
  • Web banners
  • Flash banners
  • Embedded video
  • Forms

The website design section contains a selected sample of works for various companies for maintaining visual continuity and brand recognition across the internet. You can view these works below, or a pdf version of my complete website design portfolio is available for download as well. Thank you.

Contact me to discuss how I can assist you with website design and maintenance. | Eric Hal Hackendale | Jacksonville, Florida
Web Design | Eric Hal Hackendale | Jacksonville, Florida
Game Design

As a member of the creative team working on the Tootsville children's game at RES Interactive, I received the in-game worlds from the lead designer, converted the files to bitmaps, restructured and recolored them if necessary and worked closely with the lead programmer to animate them in Flash. I also created a large portion of the Pivitz - the small icons that are collected and float above the Toots' heads. | Eric Hal Hackendale | Jacksonville, Florida
Online Advertising & Marketing

From online advertisements to banners and infographics, the section below contains samples of work completed. | Eric Hal Hackendale | Jacksonville, Florida
Email Marketing

The following samples of email blasts were created utilizing Constant Contact or similar email marketing service provider. | Eric Hal Hackendale | Jacksonville, Florida
Wallpaper & Banners

The wallpapers below were created much like one would create a matte painting in Photoshop. The final image is a collage of many appropriated images that were reworked and combined with design elements to bring the image together as a whole. In some cases I make generous use of filters in Photoshop to add effects to and distort the image.

EVE Online is one of the most popular PC based Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games in the world. A futuristic space game with four races to choose from, numerous career paths to follow, a highly evolved economy and literally thousands of galaxies to explore and inhabit, as many as 50,000 players from around the world can be playing online at any one time. Many players unite to form corporations and alliances in order to better pursue their chosen career path and goals, whether that be mining and industry, production, or waging war. The banners below were created for several in-game corporations and alliances for use as headers on their websites, otherwise known as killboards. Again, the approach was very similar to creating a matte painting, collaging and blending appropriated images together, adding effects and then overlaying custom graphics (the custom logos) and typography.

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