Art & Furnitue Design | Eric Hal Hackendale | Jacksonville, Florida

This section contains selected works of sculpture and furniture design. You can view these works below, or a pdf version of my complete web portfolio is available for download as well. Thank you. | Eric Hal Hackendale | Jacksonville, Florida
Steel Sculpture

The physical nature of sculpture, specifically steel sculpture, became very appealing to me quite early during my fine arts education. Steel, in and of itself, is solid, heavy and unyielding. Steel sculpture can change and dominate space. I had two of the greatest mentors and professors at Florida State University, Ed Love and Charles Hook, both incredible sculptors working in steel. I owe them much thanks for their time and insightful guidance with regard to art-making. | Eric Hal Hackendale | Jacksonville, Florida
Wood Wall Sculptures

Most of the works below were created within the Broken Circle Series. Constructed of wood arranged in stacked, concentric circles, and then beat with hammers and sharp objects, leaving damaged surfaces, gaping holes and broken edges. On top of those broken circles is a scattered and disconnected grid. My approach to these pieces was to bridge the divide, or perhaps blur the boundaries, between painting and sculpture. Later in the series I shifted toward quadrangular forms. | Eric Hal Hackendale | Jacksonville, Florida
Furniture Design

Much of the furniture I designed was either never photographed, or the images were lost or destroyed (water damage). Below are a few examples of furniture designed in collaboration with Sharon Viljoen for Hamilton's Restaraunt in Indian Wells, California.